2021 Sermons

2021 Sermons

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2021 Sermons
  • The Blessed Life - Part 5 - The Righteous

    Episode 1

    Senior Pastor Alex Pappas is back to continue his series on "The Blessed Life". Tune in as he delves into what it means to be righteous and how that ties into the blessed life.

  • Flowing in the Anointing

    Episode 2

    There are many methods of flowing in the anointing that have been clearly displayed in the Bible but what is the main key? Join us as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas shares with us the absolute necessity of the "empty vessels". Tune in to find out exactly what this means.

  • The Blessed Life - Part 4- The Meek

    Episode 3

    Tune in as Pastor John Payne continues "The Blessed Life, Part 4" with a teaching on the meek!

  • Just Like the First Day

    Episode 4

    Tune in as Pastor William Izquierdo preaches a word on "The first day" -- It can be easy to drift from our first love with Christ but we are being called back! Join us today!

  • The Blessed Life - Part 3- Those Who Mourn

    Episode 5

    Join us as Pastor John Payne picks up where our Senior Pastor, Alex Pappas left off in part 3 of our "A Blessed Life" series.

  • It's to our Advantage

    Episode 6

    Have you ever ignored the voice of the Holy Spirit? Pastor Mike Cornell illustrates how, if Jesus was here on earth, we would do ANYTHING to get to Him. So often though, we forget that He IS here. The Holy Spirit deserves just as much of our love, adoration and attention as Jesus, Himself! He sho...

  • The Blessed Life - Part 2- The Poor in Spirit

    Episode 7

    Tune in to part 2 of "The Blessed Life" series as Senior Pastor, Alex Pappas shares a teaching on what it means to be poor in spirit -- the answer might surprise you!

  • Walking in the Anointing

    Episode 8

    Join us as Senior Pastor, Alex Pappas shares a teaching on what the anointing is and how the anointing affects our lives and the lives of people around us. Are you looking to step into a greater season of walking in the anointing? Tune in now!

  • The Blessed Life - Part 1- The Meaning of Being Blessed

    Episode 9

    Does a blessed life mean that you are living a life full of material items, accomplishments and status? Not necessarily. Join us as Senior Pastor, Alex Pappas begins a riveting series on the biblical definition of a blessed life. What he has to say might surprise you, tune in now!

  • A Call to be Supernatural

    Episode 10

    This year we need the presence of God more than ever! In order to walk in the fullness of what God has for us, we need to be walking in the supernatural! Join us as Senior Pastor, Alex Pappas defines what that means and shows us what that should look like in the body of Christ.

  • New Years Eve Service 2021 - The Year of Souls

    Episode 11

    Tune in for a word from Senior Pastor Alex Pappas in regards to God's Vision for 2021!