April Sermons 2023

April Sermons 2023

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April Sermons 2023
  • The Power of Prayer, Part One | Pastor Alex Pappas | Oceans Unite

    Why do we find that the presence of God is so strong in a certain place? Why are some people so anointed? The foundation starts with prayer! Join Pastor Alex Pappas, in part one of this series, as we learn how we can see the greatest breakthroughs and life altering circumstantial change through p...

  • He Taught Us to Pray, Part Two | Pastor Alex Pappas | Oceans Unite

    The second installment of our prayer series answers hard questions such as, “What does it mean to pray with vain repetition?” And “What should my prayer-time look like?” Pastor Alex Pappas answers these questions and more in this weeks sermon entitled, “He Taught Us to Pray”.

  • Can You See It? | Pastor Alex Pappas | Oceans Unite

    As Christians, we must be able to discern what is our imagination and what is God. How do we do this? Join Pastor Alex Pappas in this powerful sermon as he teaches the important value and practical instruction of seeing and hearing what God is saying to you right now!!

  • How to get back to God | Pastor Alex Pappas

    One of the most powerful things we find in life is walking in intimacy with God. Join with us as Pastor Alex Pappas shows us the roadmap through the scriptures of how to get back to the presence of God and walking in that secret place of intimacy.

  • Dispossessing the Enemy | Pastor Alex Pappas | Oceans Unite

    Did you know you have an inheritance? How do we take ownership of what is ours? Join with us in this very impactful teaching by Pastor Alex Pappas on how to dispossess the enemy and receive the promises that have been given to us!

  • How to Grow Spiritually | Pastor Alex Pappas

    There are critically important steps to growing spiritually in your Christian walk, whether you are a new to the faith or seasoned, its true for every believer. Follow along with Pastor Alex Pappas and find out if you are doing what it takes to grow spiritually!

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  • "The Lamb of God " | Pastor Alex Pappas | Oceans Unite

    Tune in to hear the sermon, “The Lamb of God”. Pastor Alex Pappas brings the timely message at our Good Friday service for us to find out how the first Passover story parallels with the life of Jesus. We can have life eternally because of His once-and-for-all sacrifice - the perfect Lamb of God. ...

  • Resurrection Revolution Easter Service | Pastor Alex Pappas | Oceans Unite

    Often we give up on promises because they don't seem to be working out as we thought they should. Be encouraged, and don’t give up! Staying will reap a reward!! Those that choose to stay will have breakthrough and experience the awe-inspiring miracles of God!

  • Encounter at the Well | Pastor Eduardo Erana

    There are some bridges you must cross to receive the blessing! You MUST go through your Samaria!! Samaria is where grudges have been held, and unforgiveness justified. We must go through Samaria to find freedom and reach every high calling that the Lord has placed in our lives. Are you ready for ...

  • Imani Children's Choir | Oceans Unite Christian Centre

    Join us for a spectacular night of praise and worship with the Imani Milele Children’s Choir from Uganda Africa!! This Oceans featured event will have you moving in your seat as you experience the rich culture of Africa through song and dance. The stories of these children are remarkable and thei...