December 2020

December 2020

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December 2020
  • A Race Worth Running

    Join us as Pastor John Payne presents a moving sermon on "A race worth running" tune in to find out what the race set before us is and why it is so important we strive to keep running!

  • The Father Revealed

    Join us as Senior Pastor, Alex Pappas shares a touching word on what it means to have the Father revealed to you. Many of us did not have good examples of fathers growing up but God reveals Himself to us. Tune in for this revelatory word!

  • The Reason for the Season

    Every year it can be easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of celebrating the holidays but what is the REAL reason for celebrating in this season? There are many sermons on this topic but tune in as Pastor Alex puts a heartfelt and thought provoking teaching on "The reason for the se...

  • Our Hands Before God

    Did you know that if we let our frustrations or negative emotions build they can turn into wrath, doubting, anger and ultimately sin. All of these things can affect your prayer life, spiritual growth and encounters with the God. Join us as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas teaches us on the importance of...

  • Finding Christ in the Crisis

    At some point in life, every Christian will face a crisis. Join us as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas preaches a powerful sermon on finding Christ in the crisis! This is a word that applies to each of us, so it's time to step out in faith, move the stone and look to God.

  • The Name of Jesus

    Most Christians believe there is power in the name of Jesus but do you have a full understanding of what that really means and how it applies to YOUR life? Join us as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas explains the power of the name of Jesus.