December 2021

December 2021

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December 2021
  • He was Always There - An Oceans Original

    The gift of Christmas is God with us! Our Oceans Original Production “He was always there” is a beautiful depiction of how the Lord is with us, even during our most difficult times, even when we feel alone: He is always there!

  • Piece It Together

    Have you purchased something that required assembly and the photo on the box looks awesome but when you pour out the contents of the box all of the pieces can seem overwhelming? Most people would be able to recognize that if you put in the effort, regardless of how hopeless it seems, you will be ...

  • The King is Here

    The King is here! When Jesus came, He came preaching a gospel of the Kingdom, and when He came rulership changed on the earth forever. During His life and through His ministry He had (and always will have) all authority and all power and with that, everywhere He went lives were impacted and cha...

  • Counter Culture

    Join us as Pastor Alex Pappas revisits the familiar Bible story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, preaching a compelling and relevant sermon on resisting the culture of the times. As the world becomes more uncertain we might have to walk through the fire, but take comfort because the fourth man...

  • Rebuilding Davids Tabernacle

    We are a fortunate and blessed people because we have the privilege to be able to come before the arc, or the presence of God, and worship Him! Each of us has a destiny and a purpose for rebuilding the tabernacle of David! Follow along as Pastor Alex uses scripture to reveal these humbling truths...

  • It’s Time to Take your Mountain

    It is time to take your mountain! Many of us have received words from the Lord, or have had His plan revealed to us through prayer -- yet we have done nothing to take ahold of this. Worse than that, some of us have even spoken negativity over these callings or blamed God for them not coming to pa...

  • What Happens when We Die Part 2

    Have you ever wondered what happens to the believer when they die? Most of us know that as believers we go to Heaven but do you know what that process looks like? Follow along as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas, scripturally details what happens after death!

  • When the Presence is Present

    There is nothing more powerful than when the Presence of God is present in your life. He will change you, He will bless you and He will deal with the enemy on your behalf! Tune on a detailed word from Senior Pastor Alex Pappas on the Presence of God!