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  • Sunday Celebration Service

    Welcome to Oceans Unite! We have been called to bring the fire of God to our City and Nation by teaching and demonstrating God’s love and power!

    Thank you for joining us; we are so glad you are tuning in!

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  • Morning Prayer Meeting

  • Special Events

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  • Pastor Harold Weitsz| Saturday Encounter Service

  • How do we grow closer to God? | OUCC Pastors

  • Warfare and Prayer

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  • Should We Get Baptized? | Pastor Alex Pappas

    You may wonder if water baptism is important after salvation and the answer may surprise you. Find out more in this powerful sermon by, Pastor Alex Pappas!

  • The Children's bread

    If you've just made a decision to receive Christ, please respond HERE – https://oceansunite.com/connect

    For prayer – https://facebook.com/ouccprayer/
    To Give – https://oceansunite.com/tithe-or-donate
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  • Fasting Sermons

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  • Bedtime Stories with Hannah

  • S2 E2 Ezekiel's Kitchen

    Join us as Chef Dino walks us through Christ centered cooking of amazing meals! You can expect life lessons, great stories, a couple laughs, incredible recipes and much more! Let's get cooking!

  • Devotionals and Prayer with Pastor Alex Pappas

    Join us as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas leads us through brief daily devotionals! So whether you choose to start your day with a devotional, watch one on your lunch break or end your evening with one: fresh, uplifting words are available to you!
    Pastor Alex Pappas is the Lead Pastor at Oceans Unite ...

  • Forever Family with Catherine Cleversey

    In today's world it seems to be more challenging than ever to raise a family in the ways of the Lord but it is not impossible! Join us as ministry leader Catherine Cleversey shares biblical truths from God's word on family. In these teachings you will be challenged, equipped, strengthened and enc...

  • Our sound of Worship

    A Glimpse to a night of Songs to the King. Oceans Worship perform the Song "Angels about us" spontaneous session.

    "Angels about us" is a song written by Ashlie Smith, Music Director at Oceans Unite Christian Centre.

  • Through the Bible with Pastor John Payne

    The "Through the Bible" show takes the viewer on a journey through each of the 66 books of the Bible starting in the New Testament, giving them tools to assist in proper interpretation. An exegetical study of all 66 books examined by looking at the author and recipient, background and timeframe, ...

  • S1 E2- Oceans Outdoors