January 2022

January 2022

Sermons for the month of January

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January 2022
  • The God of Life

    In today's world, most people would try to convince you that life doesn't start at conception but that couldn't be further from the truth. What does God have to say about this? Tune in as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas and Carenet's Executive Director Bonnie Martinelli deliver an informative, Christ-c...

  • Pure Purpose

    Do you struggle to stay on the right path? Do the things of this world tug at you relentlessly? You are not alone; Solomon was in the same position. Learn from his mistakes by not letting your heart turn from God. Don't allow the ways of the world to draw you away from Him, because He has destiny...

  • Spiritual Disipline

    Discipline is so important to practice in our everyday lives but as a believer, spiritual discipline is even more important. Tune in, as Pastor Alex preaches a sermon that will bring many interesting questions into consideration. Is grace in opposition to spiritual discipline? Is spiritual discip...

  • Steps to Destiny

    In life, all of us will experience loss. Whether it be the loss of someone we love, the loss of a job, or the changing of our circumstances. Sometimes, that loss can even lead to feelings of confusion and frustration. However, when we look to God for direction, He will reveal the purposes and pla...

  • NYE Service 2022

    Senior Pastor Alex Pappas delivers a powerful word for 2022. We are believing for the embers of revival to start burning in the state of Florida and the United States of America! Tune in as he details the word of God for this year!

  • The Favor of God

    As believers, often we try to separate the words grace and favor as two different concepts. Many people feel that grace is given to us but favor must be earned. However, that is not true because grace and favor are the same thing! So how do we receive grace or favor? Tune in to find out!