March 2021

March 2021

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March 2021
  • Revival Series - Part 2

    Join us for Senior Pastor Alex Pappas' second part of our Revival series!

  • Be a Doer

    Most of us are frequently hearing the word of God but are we applying the word to our life in the form of action? It's time to BE A DOER. Join us as Pastor Mike Cornell leads us through James 1:22-24 with inspiring encouragement on taking action and doing!

  • His Love Never Fails

    Join us as Evangelist Bryan Thomas shares an impactful message on how the love of God never fails! This is a unique and eye-opening sermon on the story of the prostitute in the book of Hosea.

  • The Dangers of Pride

    Pride is a sneaky spirit that can be operating in your life without you even recognizing it! Tune in as Pastor Mike Cornell shares a powerful sermon the dangers of pride!

  • Make Room for His Presence

    When we examine the Old Testament, it is clear that the prophets were used to represent the voice of the Lord but today we have the Holy Spirit! Join us as Pastor Alex Pappas draws a powerful parallel between the story of the Shunammite woman and making room for the Presence of God in our own liv...

  • Revival Series - Part 1

    Revival. This is a term used so widely by the church that sometimes its true meaning can get lost. Join us as Senior Pastor, Alex Pappas examines the spiritual condition of todays church and explores what the early church looked like. Don't miss out on this timely word, tune in for part one of ou...