March 2023

March 2023

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March 2023
  • Effectiveness through Acknowledgment | Pastor Bryan Thomas

    You are effective through the acknowledgement of who you are in Christ and what your purpose is! God desires to realign your thinking and renew your mind! This Kingdom mindset carries us to victory as we come to the knowledge of God and all He has for us! Tune in to find out more!


  • Your Story, His Glory | Pastor Mike Cornell

    YOUR story is your testimony. God is constantly moving and you have a testimony that can break people out of dark places! The effect of your testimony on another’s life is extravagantly life-changing and it’s all for His glory! To find out more regarding the importance of YOUR story, watch this v...

  • To The Overcomer | Pastor Alex Pappas | Oceans Unite

    There are POWERFUL promises in the Word of God for every, ‘Overcomer’! In this sermon, Pastor Alex Pappas will answer the practical and very important questions, "Who is an overcomer?”and "Are the hard times and difficulties in this life worth it?". Tune in and find out the promises laid out for ...

  • Jesus Was Tempted | Pastor Alex Pappas | Oceans Unite

    In the sermon, “Jesus Was Tempted”, we learn that temptation comes in three primary ways in a believers life. Jesus was no stranger to temptation as scripture reveals to us in the gospels and we can overcome because Jesus gained victory over all the temptations and strategies of the enemy. Find o...

  • He Is Willing | Pastor Mike Cornell | Oceans Unite

    In “He Is Willing”, Pastor Mike takes us on a journey to discover the powerful realization that God is willing to meet you right where you are and change your life forever. Tune in and find out how this will change YOUR life!

  • Moving Faith | Pastor John Payne | Oceans Unite

    In “Moving Faith” by Pastor John, we find out that there is more to the story with the woman with the issue of blood that in faith touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. Dive deeper and find out how this affects you and your life today.

  • Go, Don't Wait | Pastor Alex Pappas

  • I know who I am| Pastor Alex Pappas