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  • Behold His Beauty

    The Beauty of the Lord. This could be an endless sermon: detailing the beauty of our God. Join us as Pastor John Payne delves into this precious topic!

  • It's All Perspective

    The reality is, we spend a lot of our time focusing on the things of this world and by default, we begin to look at our lives through the lens of the world. As Christians, we must shift our thinking to a Kingdom perspective! Join us as Pastor Mike Cornell details his sermon "It's All Perspective".

  • House of Transfiguration - Graduation Ceremony

    Tune in as we have the privilege of following the journey of 3 graduates from the Real Mission's House of Transfiguration. Senior Pastors Alex and Naomi Pappas will be interviewing the graduates after their testimonies are presented!

  • Give Thanks

    God is great and greatly to be praised! The story of Jonah and the fish is no myth, it is a 100% true account of Jonah's experience. Tune in as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas delves into scripture and highlights the breakthrough that comes from thanksgiving. It is time for you to be delivered from you...

  • What Happens When We Die Pt. 1

    It's an uncomfortable topic for most, but brace yourself as we take a scriptural journey through the result of death as an unbeliever.

  • Reaching for the Prize

    You were not called to make converts; you were called to go into the world and make disciples, and disciples never stop doing the work of the Lord. Be encouraged by this word from Senior Pastor Alex Pappas as he urges us to continue reaching towards the upward call!

  • Triumph Through Tribulations

    Do you feel overwhelmed with the difficulties you're experiencing in your life? Tribulations are inevitable but through the tribulations, we must have faith and hold on to God! Senior Pastor Alex Pappas scripturally explores the result of tribulation in our lives, in this powerful sermon "Triump...

  • Fullness of Joy

    Where do you find the fullness of Joy? Many of us consider joy and happiness to be synonymous, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Join us as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas dives into the topic "Fullness of Joy".