July 2020

July 2020

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July 2020
  • It's in the Vine

    Is it possible you're being a complacent Christian, just surviving instead of thriving? Join us as Pastor Mike Cornell delves into John 15:1-10 and details the necessity of abiding IN the Vine.

    We hope you enjoy your live stream experience. For more information about Oceans Unite or to contact ...

  • Fear has an enemy

    Though it seems that fear is running rampant in our world today, as Christians we know that fear should never influence, stop or affect us! Join us as Senior Pastor, Alex Pappas delves deeper into the message and discover the true enemy of fear.

  • Part 2: The End Time Church

    You don't have to look very hard to notice we are living in perilous times, does our current reality reflect those of the end times? What should the end time church look like and what will the false church look like? Tune in to find out!

  • Part 1: The End Time Church

    Tune in for an incredible message from Senior Pastor Alex Pappas as he explains that the mission of the church is to prepare for the great harvest of the latter rain! Join us as the foundation is laid for how the Church of Jesus Christ will operate in end times and how the enemy is desperately tr...