September 2020

September 2020

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September 2020
  • Part 2: The Gifts of The Spirit

    Join us for part two of our sermon series "Gifts of the Spirit". Senior Pastor Alex Pappas explains that the gifts are very much active and operating today! Step into a deeper understanding of what the gifts are and how God will use them in your life!

  • The Nature of Rejection

    Rejection hurts and very few have escaped the wrath of rejection in their lives. It can come from a parent, a spouse, friends or even a sports team & it often causes deep rooted damage. BUT JESUS! We know he came to set the captives free but did you know that He suffered rejection on the cross to...

  • Part 1: The Gifts of The Spirit

    Have you ever been curious about the Gifts of the Spirit? If so, this sermon series is for you! Join us as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas dives into the first of his sermon series on the Gifts of the Spirit. Come develop a deeper understanding of the Gifts as well as grow in your knowledge of how God ...

  • Unwavering Passion

    As Christians, what kind of passion are we called to have for the Lord? An Unwavering Passion! Join us as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas reminds us of our first love and shows us how to maintain a posture of worship. Passive Christianity is not our portion, so put on your praise shoes and get ready to...