April Sermons 2024

April Sermons 2024

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April Sermons 2024
  • The Power of Forgiveness | Pastor William Izquierdo

    We find that the ‘Power of Forgiveness’ brings UNITY to the Church ✝️. Find out how forgiveness changes you, and how Jesus brings us together 🤝

    #forgiveness #unity #church #motivated #miracle #Jesus

  • A heart for Israel | Pastor John Payne

    A Heart for Israel | Pastor John Payne | Oceans Unite Christian Centre

    Should we support Israel? 🤔 Does scripture really instruct us regarding God’s opinion on this topic? The answers may surprise you!

    #jerusalem #antisemitism #israel #america #prayforpeace #prayforisrael

  • Wisdom to Elevate | Pastor Mike Cornell

    Wisdom that Elevates | Pastor Mike Cornell | Oceans Unite Christian Centre

    Wisdom is a valuable tool that can help us navigate life's challenges. However, not all wisdom is created equal. Worldly wisdom may seem to provide temporary solutions, but heavenly wisdom offers lasting guidance. We find...

  • The Power of Unity | Pastor Alex Pappas

    The Power of Unity | Pastor Alex Pappas | Oceans Unite Christian Centre

    Unity is indeed a crucial factor for success in various aspects of life. Jesus is a great example of this, as His unity with the Father and the Holy Spirit empowered Him to operate with authority and power. In the world, we...

  • The Goodness of God | Pastor Alex Pappas

    The Goodness of God | Pastor Alex Pappas | Oceans Unite

    In this powerful sermon by Senior Pastor, Alex Pappas, we experience the boundless goodness of God that knows no limits. His word promises that through His unwavering love and compassion that His goodness is available to each and every one...

  • I will bow to only one | Pastor Alex Pappas

  • Worship Through it All | Pastor Alex Pappas