February 2023

February 2023

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February 2023
  • I Am Saved! Now What? | Pastor Alex Pappas | Oceans Unite

    You’ve been saved, but what comes after salvation? What happens next? Find out in this edifying sermon with Pastor Alex Pappas!!

  • No Other Name But Jesus| Pastor Alex Pappas |2/19/2023

    Do you understand the Name you carry? In marriage, the bride takes the Name of the Husband as they become one and then receives all the benefits of the Husband as well. The Name you carry is a powerful One! Join us as Pastor Alex Pappas reveals the supreme covenant that every believer has in Jesu...

  • The Danger Of A Deceitful Heart| Pastor Alex Pappas| 2/18/2023

    The Bible says that the heart is deceitful above all things! How can you come back from your heart deceiving you and committing sin? Join Pastor Alex Pappas and Oceans Unite as we dive in to one of the most remarkable stories in the Bible discovering how this man after God’s own heart dealt with ...

  • Should We Get Baptized? | Pastor Alex Pappas

    You may wonder if water baptism is important after salvation and the answer may surprise you. Find out more in this powerful sermon by, Pastor Alex Pappas!

  • Speak To It | Pastor Mike Cornell | 2/11/2023

    Death and life is in the power of the tongue! In the sermon, “Speak To It” we learn from Pastor Mike that there comes a point in our lives that we must begin to speak to situations that arise to gain victory. Are you speaking life to the enemies plans or are you speaking life to the plans God has...

  • Can I lose my Salvation? | Pastor Alex Pappas | 2/5/2023

    Salvation is a gift from God. Can we lose it? Tune in with Pastor Alex Pappas and dive into the scriptures to hear what the Bible has to say about it.

  • WIND | Pastor Alex Pappas| 2/4/2023

    Join us in this session as Pastor Alex shares the significance of “Wind” being a representation of the Holy Spirit throughout the Word of God.

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