2020 Sermons

2020 Sermons

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2020 Sermons
  • A Race Worth Running

    Join us as Pastor John Payne presents a moving sermon on "A race worth running" tune in to find out what the race set before us is and why it is so important we strive to keep running!

  • The Father Revealed

    Join us as Senior Pastor, Alex Pappas shares a touching word on what it means to have the Father revealed to you. Many of us did not have good examples of fathers growing up but God reveals Himself to us. Tune in for this revelatory word!

  • The Reason for the Season

    Every year it can be easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of celebrating the holidays but what is the REAL reason for celebrating in this season? There are many sermons on this topic but tune in as Pastor Alex puts a heartfelt and thought provoking teaching on "The reason for the se...

  • Our Hands Before God

    Did you know that if we let our frustrations or negative emotions build they can turn into wrath, doubting, anger and ultimately sin. All of these things can affect your prayer life, spiritual growth and encounters with the God. Join us as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas teaches us on the importance of...

  • Finding Christ in the Crisis

    At some point in life, every Christian will face a crisis. Join us as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas preaches a powerful sermon on finding Christ in the crisis! This is a word that applies to each of us, so it's time to step out in faith, move the stone and look to God.

  • The Name of Jesus

    Most Christians believe there is power in the name of Jesus but do you have a full understanding of what that really means and how it applies to YOUR life? Join us as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas explains the power of the name of Jesus.

  • Why We Should Shout!

    Tune in for an 8-point sermon as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas explains biblical "Reasons we should shout!" Don't let the devil steal your shout! It's time life your voice, receive freedom and make a sound!

  • Divine Appointment for Change

    Join us as Pastor John Payne walks us through what a "Divine appointment for change" means and how that applies to each of our lives. God wants us to have a consistent walk with Him and more times than not, that requires change! Tune in for a powerful word- It's time for your Divine Appointment.

  • When God Heals in Unexpected Ways

    Sometimes we have an idea of how we think God should work in our lives but often, He does the unexpected. Join us, as Evangelist Bryan Thomas delivers a powerful and timely word "When God heals in unexpected ways".

  • Don't Forget

    Sometimes it is easy to hold on to lifes fleeting pleasures instead of holding on to the goodness God! We hope you will be encouraged by Pastor Mike Cornell’s sermon “Don’t Forget”. It’s time to take inventory of our blessings and remember all God has done for us.

  • Timeless Savior

    Join us as Pastor William leads us through the story of Lazarus. It can be difficult but it is so important that we learn to wait God’s timing and trust that even when the response seems delayed everything is still working for God’s Glory!

  • Faith that Perseveres

    Hardships are unavoidable but we know that we are made to have a faith that perseveres! Join us as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas teaches us how to overcome the various trials through faith!

  • Is it a Demon or your Flesh?

    Do you feel stuck in a cycle? Or do you feel like you are constantly battling with yourself? Is it a demon you are battling or is it your flesh? Learn to recognize what you're up against and receive breakthrough today!

  • Unusual Faith

    As believers, Unusual Faith is our portion! We were not created to be ordinary or have ordinary faith. Why? Because there is nothing ordinary about the God we serve! Dive deeper into the topic of Unusual Faith with Senior Pastor Alex Pappas.

  • Faith Never Looks Back

    The things of this world will always try to pull us back and distract us but we must have a faith that never looks back! Join us for an encouraging word from Senior Pastor Alex Pappas and get ready to stop looking back!

  • Part 1: The Feast of Tabernacles

    Join us for the first night of the Feast of Tabernacles! This is a set time from the Lord so we know that the Holy Spirit is going to move! Tabernacles represents "tabernacling" with Him, or having a meeting with the Lord! This is a teaching you don't want to miss!

  • Part 2: The Feast of Tabernacles

    Welcome to the second night of our Feast of Tabernacles celebration! Have you ever felt like every person around you was encountering the presence of the Lord and you weren't? Are you desperate for a sip of Living Water? Are you seeking answers as to why you feel blocked from the presence of God?...

  • Part 3: The Feast of Tabernacles

    For the final night of our Feast of Tabernacles celebration, Senior Pastor Alex Pappas prays a very powerful and special blessing over each of us. Even though you are watching online, this blessing still applies to YOU!

  • The Sower and the Hearer

    As Christians we need to hear the word of God, receive it and let it be multiplied in our lives! Responding to the word is one of the most critical things we do in our walk! Join us as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas dives deeper into his message titled the sower and the hearer.

  • From Faith to Faith

    As Christians we must understand that there is a level of fulfillment necessary before Jesus can come and we are called to go from Faith to Faith! As senior Pastor Alex Pappas says: "God is in the business of taking down giants! Nothing in your life is too big for God, the only requirement is Fai...

  • The Nature of Rejection

    Rejection hurts and very few have escaped the wrath of rejection in their lives. It can come from a parent, a spouse, friends or even a sports team & it often causes deep rooted damage. BUT JESUS! We know he came to set the captives free but did you know that He suffered rejection on the cross to...

  • Part 1: The Gifts of The Spirit

    Have you ever been curious about the Gifts of the Spirit? If so, this sermon series is for you! Join us as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas dives into the first of his sermon series on the Gifts of the Spirit. Come develop a deeper understanding of the Gifts as well as grow in your knowledge of how God ...

  • Part 2: The Gifts of The Spirit

    Join us for part two of our sermon series "Gifts of the Spirit". Senior Pastor Alex Pappas explains that the gifts are very much active and operating today! Step into a deeper understanding of what the gifts are and how God will use them in your life!

  • Unwavering Passion

    As Christians, what kind of passion are we called to have for the Lord? An Unwavering Passion! Join us as Senior Pastor Alex Pappas reminds us of our first love and shows us how to maintain a posture of worship. Passive Christianity is not our portion, so put on your praise shoes and get ready to...